The Dance Station’s Terms and Policies

Class Enrolment

Enrolment is on a first-come, first-served basis. For classes that are full, a waiting list will be maintained to accommodate other students if and when space becomes available.
Students who are enrolled in the ballet classes from Pre-Primary level onwards, are encouraged to attend classes twice a week. However from Grade 3 onwards, it is compulsory to attend classes two times a week. This is to bring out the maximum potential of the student as the child progresses at each grade level.

Registration and Term Fees

A non-refundable FIFTY DOLLARS ($50.00) registration fee per student is required for all new enrolments. The registration fee and first term fee payment are due at the time of enrolment. Application will not be processed or confirmed until payment is made.
Re-registration fee will be required from students when:
– There is non-payment of term fee for a period of 1 term
– Attendance on per lesson basis is for a period of 1 term or more
– Students have withdraw or after a leave f absence for a period of a term.
The school reserves the right to discontinue the student’s classes for non-payment of fees where necessary. All payments are due by the first class for each new term and are made either by cash or cheque payable to “The Dance Station”. To ensure proper credit, please put the student’s name, contact number and class behind the cheque.

Trial/Single Lesson Fee

Students who are taking one lesson either as a trial or as a single lesson are subjected to the applicable fee payment for that class level.


All students are required to pay a refundable deposit of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($100.00). This deposit cannot be used to offset any other fees. It will be forfeited in the event of:
– non payment of fees
– late notice of withdrawal
– late payment of fees
– damages to and / or loss of school equipment or property.
This is refundable only upon proper procedures of notice of withdrawal/termination.

Withdrawals or Class Changes

The studio requires written notice of at least one month prior to discontinuing classes or changing classes; failing which one month at single lesson fee rate will be chargeable. There will not be any refunds for withdrawals or class changes. In case of level change, should the fee for the new class is higher, top-up fees will apply accordingly. If such written notice is not given or if the child/ward is withdrawn prior to the expiry of such notice, the company shall forfeit the deposit and claim for the balance of the fees due to The Dance Station.
Term fees and miscellaneous fees are not refundable in the event of withdrawals, regardless of time, nature and / or circumstance.

Missed Classes and Refunds

Once enrolled, there are no pro-rated fees for any classes missed due to illnesses, injuries, examinations, school holidays and vacations nor refunds in any circumstances. However, payment based on “single lesson fee” may apply for classes attended. Pro-rated fees will only be applicable for new enrolments joining a new class for the first time.

Late Fee Charge

For payments made after the first lesson in any term, a late payment fee of $35 will be levied. The company reserves the right to terminate the student from class if fees are not paid.


Students are covered under personal accident scheme whilst in the studio. Coverage is compulsory for all students. A charge of $5 will be levied each year.

Term Dates

The term dates stretch over a 3-month period, with 10 classes per term and 20 class sessions per term for RAD Grade 3 onwards. As the school is not open on public holidays, the class will be adjusted accordingly.
The term dates for classes will follow the calendar year on a quarterly basis (unless otherwise stated):
1st Term – April to June
2nd Term – July to September
3rd Term – October to December
4th Term – January to March

Term Breaks/Public Holidays

There are two term breaks: –
(i) the last 2 weeks of the local school holidays in June;
(ii) the last 2 weeks of the local school holidays in December.
No lessons will be conducted during the public holidays unless otherwise advised.

Examination Requirements

Only students registered and with all fees fully paid for a period of at least 1 year shall be considered for examinations (Royal Academy of Dance, Australian Teachers of Dance or any other exams applicable).
The entry of any students for exams would be at the discretion of the Artistic Director and Manager.

– Registration

Forms will be made available during the registration period to candidates who wish to sign up for the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) or the Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) exams. The exam fees (to be advised yearly) are payable upon registering your child for the exams.

– Compulsory Coaching Classes for Exam

It is compulsory for all exam candidates to attend extra coaching lessons on top of their regular classes. It is important that candidates are well prepared for the exam and committed to the training sessions leading up to the period of the exam. We seek your understanding in supporting your child in this area.

– RAD Exam Attire

A brand new set of authorised RAD attire is required for students opting to enter the RAD exams. Torn or stained leotard, tights and shoes are not allowed in the examination studio.

– ATOD Exam Attire

An approved exam attire and compulsory soft leather jazz shoes is required for students taking the ATOD Jazz exams.
School Decorum @ The Dance Station


Our studio requires all students to attend class regularly and punctually. Children under 7 years should be accompanied by an adult. Young children should be taken to the bathroom prior to class to help minimize frequent “potty breaks”. Our staff does not guarantee supervision of a child picked up late from class. If you are running late, please notify the studio as soon as possible. If the student is unable to attend the class, please inform the studio as well.

Messages and Notices

Important studio notices and schedules including changes will be posted on the studio bulletin board. Please check the board for any news or updates. If necessary, messages will be posted via Whatsapp or SMS on class changes.

Observation and Video Recording

Although our studio has a viewing facility, it will not always be available. Parents will only be able to access the studio during our Open House events. Video taping or taking pictures during class is not permitted unless special arrangements have been made with the studio. We seek your co-operation as it may be distracting and disruptive to the teacher and students.

Dress Code Requirements

– Regulated Attire

All students are required to wear the RAD regulated or the studio’s attire for ballet. The attire varies for each grade level.

– Hair

Female students are to tie long hair (shoulder-length or longer) into a tight and neat bun. Use of a hair net and hair gel is compulsory. Female students with short hair as well as male students are expected to have neatly groomed hair.

– Shoes

Ballet shoes should be worn snug and fitting. Ill-fitted footwear will impact negative healthy development of feet. A maximum of 0.5cm allowance may be allowed for a growing child.
Soft leather jazz shoes are required for jazz classes. Street or outside footwear is strictly prohibited in the dance studio.


No food or drink is allowed in the dance studio. Students are responsible for maintaining the studio’s cleanliness and tidiness.


Membership is optional to all students. It is valid for one year and can be renewed annually. There will be no withdrawal/refund for any membership application or renewal.
Upon joining as a member, the following privileges and conditions will apply:
a. Discounts on merchandise and products at “The Dance Station” and “OKH Ballet Centre”
b. Discount on term, coaching and block fees for all classes
c. Usage of shower facilities (only applicable to those aged 16 years and above, and subject to availability)
d. Usage of lockers (subject to availability). Membership card must be produced for exchange and return of the locker key. A fine will be imposed if the key is missing, damaged or misplaced
e. One-time free giveaway of  “The Dance Station” tote bag (subject to availability)
f. If the card is lost or damaged, a replacement fee will be levied
g. The card is not transferable and proof of identification is required upon request
h. Periodic promotion – announcements will be put up at the studio’s bulletin board

Intellectual Property

All exercises, class sequences, and dances taught in class remain as the property of The Dance Station. They cannot be taught or performed outside the studio without prior written approval of The Dance Station.

Prior approval by The Dance Station must be obtained before any form of recording (photography or video recording) may be taken.

All choreography done for students remain as the property The Dance Station. Such choreography includes but is not limited to solos, duets and group dances created, as well as stage design, costume design, lighting design and all concepts relating to the choreography. No choreography, whether in whole or in part, may be used for any purpose other than for the use originally intended without prior written approval of The Dance Station and the owner of such property rights. Where such approval is granted, the choreographer and/or the owner of such property rights (as the case may be) must be duly acknowledged.

Data Protection        

You agree that you have read, understood and consent to The Dance Station collecting, using, disclosing and processing your personal data in the manner set forth in our privacy policy which can be found here.

Important Note

The Management reserves the right to modify all terms and conditions without prior notice.