Dear The Dance Station,

Thank you Team TDS.

Tiara joined The Dance Station (TDS) since she was 3. I never thought she will go this far. Tiara is motivated, determined, focused and takes dance seriously. All of this is fostered by her dance teachers and classes at The Dance Station.

Tiara recognizes the value of Dance in all genres, such as Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Bollywood to name a few. She has developed strong love for dance and enjoyed all the Competitions and Dance Camps that The Dance Station has organized. Tiara never misses any of the Dance Camp organized by TDS.
She acquires a strong desire to learn and perfect various movements. Professionally trained teachers like Miss Ong will ensure that the students also do well academically. Over the years, I have also met new friends whilst travelling out with the other parents to Barcelona. The bonding and exposure to competitions has been great, and I look forward to the next exciting event.
We are very thankful to Team TDS for instilling a sense of responsibility and the love of dance in our daughter. Thank you The Dance Station.

Mrs Tay Parent of Tiara Tay 21st August, 2017

Joey started her dancing journey with The Dance Station when she was 4 years old. It initially started off as a trial but it had been an amazing 5 years!

She has blossomed from a shy little girl, to a confident lady. Whenever I watch her dance on stage, I can see the sparkle and passion in her eyes as she moves. She couldn’t have gone this far without the dedication and support of the great team of teachers. We know we made the right choice with TDS!

Mrs Toh
Parent of Joey Toh

12th September, 2017

My 2 daughters have been training at The Dance Station since 2010 and 2012 respectively. We love how Miss Rosalind Ong and her entire team synergize to bring out the best in all of their students. They not only teach the girls the techniques and poise but also character-building such as self-discipline and resilience.
My daughters apply these values in their daily work. It has been such a pleasure watching my daughters and their friends enjoy their repertoire of dance! Kudos to Miss Ong, Miss Sim and Miss Chua for transforming their students into confident and beautiful dancers!
Thank you also to Jasmine who works behind-the-scenes, ensuring that the students get their dance apparel, shoes and accessories in order!

Mrs Tan
Parent of Emmalene and Reina Tan

12th September, 2017

In the five years that Avril has been with The Dance Station, she has blossomed. She used to be the tiny tot who would stare shell-shocked into the audience, but now, she revels in the bright lights of the stage.
Off stage, she displays a sense of maturity, discipline and independence that she could only have learned through her hours at The Dance Station. This ongoing transformation is due entirely to the dedication and hard work of the teaching staff and leadership of The Dance Station.
Miss Ong and her team go to great lengths to ensure standards are exacting and the children are inspired to be their best. I look forward to seeing how Avril develops as a dancer in the years to come. I know that she is good hands.

Jenny Lu-Lim
Mother of Avril Lin

12th September, 2017

Sarah joined TDS midway Grade 3 last year but did not feel lost as she felt she always had the help, encouragement and support from her teachers Miss Sim and Miss Chua. They always gave her great tips to improve and she is very happy to go every week for class.
Amelia, begged for ballet lessons at TDS the moment she saw where her sister was taking them. Every week, she skips to class, eager to see Miss Chua and her friends.
Thank you TDS and grateful for the nurturing environment for my girls to enjoy ballet.

Mrs Goh
Parent of Sarah and Amelia Goh

12th September, 2017

Tianyi has been attending The Dance Station for over 7 years since she was 5 years old. The Dance Station provides a wonderful atmosphere where Tianyi is able to express herself through dancing. In TDS, she has gained confidence, discipline, concentration, the importance of great posture and most importantly, a joy for dance in which she flourishes in. The strong dedication of teachers made her learning an enjoyable and satisfying experience. The lessons are very often filled with laughter and joy but with an edge of seriousness, always encouraging the students to show and express themselves to their best. I highly recommend The Dance Station to all young girls as a professional and dedicated Dance School which constantly strives to cultivate the passion and potential of its students.

Mrs Lin
Parent of Lin Tianyi

12th September, 2017

When you join The Dance Station, you don’t just join a school, you join a family. Miss Rosalind Ong no doubt places great emphasis on technical excellence, but what sets her apart from others is the nurturing environment she creates for all her students, and even teachers – which encourages the development of passion and joy for dance.

Victoria Sim
Alumna of The Dance Station

12th September, 2017

My dance journey and love for Classical Ballet first began at The Dance Station. Having trained for close to a decade here, I can attest to a few reasons why I strongly recommend TDS as an ideal dance school:
The instructors at TDS are extremely dedicated, qualified and experienced with the RAD system. Under the careful guidance of Miss Rosalind Ong I completed the RAD syllabus up to Advanced 1 – attained with Distinction! The excellent training I received helped me to earn a competitive spot at the School of the Arts (Singapore).
TDS is where you grow as a performer and leader. From a young age, I was exposed to various performing opportunities, both locally and overseas. As I matured, I was also given other opportunities to help as a ballet assistant teacher for lower-grade classes and dance camps.

Under the strict regiment, I thrived not only in Dance, but also in discipline, character and etiquette. TDS dancers are taught to always look immaculate, behave respectfully and carry themselves well. This reinforcement definitely helped prepare me mentally as a dancer to adapt to the grueling dance scene and face challenges in other demanding aspects of life.

Other than performing experience and life lessons, another valuable takeaway is the friendships I fostered at TDS. I had so much fun and created so many fond memories here! The culture and community here is amazing. TDS is family!
I owe all my humble achievements to Miss Rosalind Ong and the instructors at TDS. Miss Ong was not only a great mentor, but also a caring motherly figure to all of us. I am deeply grateful for the exposure, life lessons, care, life-long friendship and nurturance I received from The Dance Station. TDS – it’s more than just dance!

Janice Leong
Alumna of The Dance Station

12th September, 2017

I have been a student of Miss Rosalind Ong for 11 years. Under the tutelage and guidance of Miss Ong, I have completed the RAD Syllabus with distinctions, as well as the Vocational Examinations; up to Advanced 2.
Since then, I have moved to pursue full-time training at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, graduating with a First Class Hons Degree in 2016. I am currently a dancer in VERVE, the postgraduate performance company based in Leeds, England.
Miss Ong has laid a strong technical foundation for me to build my knowledge and training upon. To me, Miss Ong is a mentor figure, where she openly and willingly shares with her students the knowledge and expertise. Miss Ong takes pride in her professionalism and it translate into a conducive environment for students to come, learn and have fun. Her classes were always something that I looked forward to as it allowed a chance for me to just simply dance and have fun!
Miss Ong also provided us with plenty of opportunities for performances, both locally and internationally. When I first began choreographing in 2014, Miss Ong gave me an opportunity to choreograph “amazing Grace’. It was an experience, which I am thankful for. She gave me confidence in my abilities to create even though I was starting out. Miss Ong is not afraid to have her staffs and students try something different, but she will extend her hands out to offer support and guidance if we ever needed it.

Miss Ong has instilled in me the essence of dance from a very young age, which is expression, passion and fun. That is something that has carried on with me through my journey in dance and will continue to bring forth with me. Through her, I am also inspired to be a dance teacher at the end of my career to groom young individuals to become better dancers through the passion of dance.

Maybelle Lek
Alumna of The Dance Station

12th September, 2017

I joined The Dance Station at the end of 2014. Then, it was a really tough period for me as my previous experiences caused my passion for dancing to die out. I was afraid because I didn’t know what to expect at an unfamiliar environment.
For this reason, I am grateful for the warmth exuded by the teachers and the constant questions asked just to make sure I adapted well. Here at The Dance Station, I have been blessed with many opportunities to perform and showcase my talents. Not only have I grown as a dancer, but as a person as well. I can never be more thankful for the enriching classes and the amount of effort the teachers put into each class and student.
Of course, my love for dancing has been revived and I am proud to be part of this lovely family.

Licia Chua
Student of The Dance Station

12th September, 2017