To be an established and reputable dance school of distinction which provides premier training and character development built upon the mindset of excellence.


To promote Dance and Dancers at the most excellent level:

  • To use dance pedagogy in developing each individual to excel
  • To inculcate the mindset of achieving to one’s absolute potential
  • To empower students to succeed
  • To motivate students to meet challenges with confidence and enthusiasm
  • To provide well-rounded and holistic training in a positive, safe, and creative environment
  • To educate and groom the future generation of dancers and dance educators
  • To develop the enjoyment and love of dance



We pursue excellence and commit to deliver the best from our students and staff.


We act with integrity, courtesy, honesty, and equality towards all students, parents, and staff.


We constantly seek to affirm and recognise the effort made by our students and parents.


The Dance Station was established by our principal Ms. Rosalind Ong as a result of the centralisation of the teaching centres under the parent company OKH Ballet Centre. Ms. Rosalind Ong had begun her teaching practice in the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus under OKH Ballet Centre in 1981. 

Ms. Rosalind Ong, alongside her dedicated team, has since nurtured many in their dance journeys and continues to uphold excellence in dance education. The school now has over 400 students and boasts excellent results in the RAD exams every year.

Beyond examinations, The Dance Station also holds dance performances and regularly participates in events and competitions to give our students opportunities for growth and exposure. Our students have been showcased on various platforms both locally and internationally. 

Since 2006, we have travelled to numerous international dance competitions where we have clinched several first-place prizes. Besides being featured by the local media as being one of the best dance schools in Singapore, our outstanding achievements were also recognised on National Day 2016 for bringing pride to Singapore. In 2020, we were awarded the prestigious SME 500 award for leading businesses that have proven their successes within similar industries. 

Our annual International Dancers’ Camp is another pride of The Dance Station. The year-end camp is highly sought-after, attracting attendees from dance schools around the region. It serves as a platform for would-be dancers to grow as young professionals.

We were also one of the first dance schools to introduce dance as an educational programme in academic schools, bringing dance education to an even higher level – from a co-curricular activity to an academic subject. 

The Dance Station has now expanded to four different branches across Singapore, and remains committed to providing quality dance education to all our students. Just as in our past, we strive to bring dance education to greater heights, and to instill a love for dance in everyone whom we have the pleasure of teaching.